Who We Serve

With our expertise at your disposal, you have a
zero-cost bench with capabilities

  • High-level Architects
  • Certified Engineers
  • Developers
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Customer Connector Development
  • Presales support and proposal writing
  • Contract to hire

Our Clients Help Make the Enterprise
More Secure

System Integrators & Resellers
Cybersecurity System Integrators
Government System Integrators

From global systems integrators to regional resellers and managed services companies, our clients are addressing issues that today consistently rank in the top three concerns at the board level. Cybersecurity is no longer a side gig for a few people in IT. As almost everything imaginable is now connected, the attack surface continues to expand. Identity continues to be the top attack vector while companies struggle with the pace of aging technologies, new capabilities with new products, and the vulnerabilities introduced by the human element (like falling for a phishing email).

IAAS serves partners of various sizes: Multinational Conglomerates with global outsource contracts; Global Systems Integrators managing multimillion dollar digital transformation initiatives; National resellers with a cybersecurity practice; Cybersecurity-specific integrators; and regional resellers and managed services companies who are just beginning to develop a cybersecurity practice. Most of our clients have a mature cybersecurity and IAM practice for which IAAS provides staffing support for executed statements of work (SOW), augmenting an already existing project team with specific delivery expertise. For these clients IAAS may provide either full time delivery expertise or part time. For projects where the end user has custom or homegrown applications, IAAS can provide domestic customer connector development or do this development offshore and significantly reduce development costs. Some of these projects can take multiple years to implement when an end user has hundreds or even thousands of applications to onboard.

In addition to traditional IAM staffing, IAAS can also provide presales and architecture support to a partner in the early stages of building a cybersecurity or IAM practice. Also, IAAS will also contract to hire candidates in which after a pre-agreed period of time, the partner can onboard the contractor as a full time employee

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